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What documents do you need to sell your flat, what is the TIB and when is it compulsory? We explain key real estate concepts because it is important to be well informed in order to make a decision.


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What taxes do I have to pay when I buying a property, how can I sell an inherited flat without losing money...? Our financial department solves the economic doubts related to the process of buying and selling properties.


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Poblenou is an excellent place to live. It is a creative, lively neighbourhood and close to the sea. But what is it like to live in Poblenou? We begin a series of interviews to discover local businesses and unique projects that are being developed here.


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We are a real estate agency in Poblenou due to our location in the centre of 22@. A neighbourhood in full transformation, we tell you about the latest projects that are being developed in the district.

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The reverse charge VAT

The reverse charge VAT

The reverse charge VAT is an economic operation where the person responsible for declaring VAT is inverted. In our sector, the VAT appears in sales of new construction while the acquisitions of second hand properties are taxed by ITP. But Hacienda, in some cases, in order to facilitate buying and selling operations, allows the VAT taxation in second hand real estate sales and purchases.

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