Our Team

Xela Team

After a long career in the real estate sector, three friends decided to share experiences and knowledge to create a Real Estate Agency where they could serve people the way they would like to be treated.

The values that define Xela Properties are empathy, professionalism, transparency and efficiency. Its basic working principle is the integral accompaniment of clients in all operations. 

Àlex Travé

Founder Partner, CEO

Des de ben petit a casa meva, he sentit parlar de pisos, de hipoteques, he vist plànols d'arquitectes i he patit crisis i bons moments del sector immobiliari.

We can say that Alex is passionate about the real estate world, he has a global knowledge of the sector and all its related services.

He began his career with a long period in the banking sector, moving later to real estate where he found his true vocation. The experience in several real estate agencies in Barcelona, the management of a franchise and the management of a group of development and construction companies have allowed him to acquire the knowledge and experience necessary for the creation of Xela Properties, Real Estate.

His greatest satisfaction comes when a former client contacts him because they need a real estate professional again or when they request his services because of a recommendation.

Marcelo Botella

Partner, Sales Manager

A lo largo de mi vida me he dedicado a diversas actividades, he viajado y residido en distintas ciudades. A día de hoy, siento que todo el camino recorrido me ha conducido a esta profesión con la cual disfruto cada día.

Trained in communication sciences and advertising, in 2008 he arrives in Barcelona where he creates and manages his own publishing house. Although his passion for commercial management and close contact with people led him to the real estate sector. He works in the management of commercial teams in one of the most prominent agencies in Barcelona, focusing his activity in the Front Marítim area of Barcelona.

In Xela Properties, as a partner and commercial director, he develops all his potential freely, putting it at the service of both buyers and sellers. He considers it essential to know how to listen, connect and empathize with people, to help them choose the best option for one of the most important decisions of their lives.

Marcelo enjoys surfing, skateboarding, yoga and soccer, although no sport has demanded as much concentration, energy and desire to excel as raising his two children, now teenagers. In his spare time he is a father.

Cecilia Corbo

Partner, Sales Executive

Mi relación con el mundo inmobiliario comenzó en la adolescencia cuando ayudaba a mi abuelo a crear carteles publicitarios para su pequeña agencia.

Cecilia was trained in journalism and graphic design, which motivated her to start a graphic media, and for years she was in charge of its management. She traveled and lived in different countries, enriching herself with different cultures. She enjoyed other work experiences, where almost without realizing it, she began to discover a clear vocation for sales and customer service.

The real estate sector found her again in Catalonia where she had the opportunity to work in renowned real estate agencies, first in Girona and then in Barcelona, where she has lived for years. This allowed her to specialize in the sale, negotiation and acquisition of properties.

Her knowledge and extensive experience make her the third pillar to form a partnership in Xela Properties, bringing her passion for success as well as her sixth sense and feminine vision to the company.

“I love to listen to people and help them through the complex journey of buying and selling” Cecilia will listen to your needs, her positive and empathetic nature will make the whole process seem easy.